The People’s Improv Theatre
Zak Sommerfield
New York, NY

Matthew Corozine Studios
2014 - Present
Meisner Technique
New York, NY

HB Studios
Chekhov Method, Alexander Technique, and Movement
New York, NY

Michael Chekhov Actors Studio
Meisner Technique and Chekhov Method
Boston, MA

Hi, I'm Lindsay. I'm an actor and producer living the dream in NYC.

I’m in an ongoing Meisner program at Matthew Corozine Studio that pushes me to my limits and continuously expands my search for the truth in myself and my art.

In particular, I’m drawn to roles that deal with difficult familial relationships in small towns that make ordinary lives extraordinary. I love characters that get mixed up in emotional entanglements with themselves, and therefore, with others. Characters such as Amy Adams' "Charlene Fleming" in The Fighter, Emmy Rossum's "Fiona" in Shameless, and Suzanne Clément's "Frédérique 'Fred' Belair" in Lawrence Anyways are a few that reflect the rich emotional roles that I aspire to play. Additionally, the storytelling and directional style of David O. Russell illustrates my ambition for the complex narratives that inspire me. I’m interested in playing strong women who find themselves stuck in socioeconomically difficult lives - women who have to fight for themselves, their family, their hearts, and their souls.

In addition to acting, I have a fondness for producing theater. Check out my theater company for more information! 99ctheater.co

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Hills Like White Elephants
Dir. Donnally Tullis
New York, NY
Role: The Girl, Jig (Lead)

Alabaster Smith
Dir. Stephanie Wilmers
Boston, MA
Role: Margot (Lead)

Dir. Sam Robinson
Boston, MA
Role: Sophie (Lead)

Fortune In Fiction
Dir. Eric Blank
New York, NY
Role: Harper

Dir. Nick Johnson
Boston, MA
Role: Meg

The Right Romance
Dir. David Fisher
Boston, MA
Role: Wife


Dolores (Under St. Marks Theatre)
Dir. Kristin Heckler
New York, NY
Role: Sandra

Almost, Maine (Matthew Corozine Studio Theater)
Dir. Ted Wold
New York, NY
Role: Glory, Gayle, Hope, Villian

The Bacchae (Columbia University)
Dir. Robin Eriksen
New York, NY
Role: Bacchae

The 1-Page Play Experiment
Gan-e-meed, Theater Co.
Boston, MA
Role: Wife/Daughter

Dir. Dylan Gamblin
Boston, MA
Role: Drunken Soldier

In The Boom Boom Room
Dir. Ozan Hakesever
Boston, MA
Role: Vikki

Little Black Topsy
Dir. Corey Spencer
Boston, MA
Role: The Dream

Boston Stage Co.
Boston, MA
Role: Reporter